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Forget Black Friday, It’s Green Wednesday

Turkey. Stuffing. Cranberry sauce. A nice selection of pre-rolls. 

New survey data from Tuesday suggests that Americans will celebrate Thanksgiving greener this year, according to polls.

The study comes courtesy of Ayr Wellness, a self-described “expanding vertically integrated, U.S. multi-state cannabis operator focused on delivering the highest quality cannabis products and customer experience throughout its footprint.”

According to the findings, more Americans will have a few drinks before they eat pumpkin pie. Or, as a press release accompanying the survey put it: “Cannabis has finally earned a seat at the table in America.”

According to the data, “37 percent of cannabis consumers plan to serve THC-infused products with their Thanksgiving meal,” while “77 percent of cannabis consumers intend to consume cannabis with family or friends during the holidays.” And it suggests that “American cannabis consumers have become increasingly open about their cannabis habits, with 40 percent planning on consuming openly with family and friends this season.”

“One thing is clear: this Thanksgiving, cannabis is a family affair,” the press release said.

Just as a wave of cannabis legalization has swept over the country in the last 10 years, normalizing something that had long been taboo and scandalized, the findings of the Thanksgiving survey “suggest that cannabis is more mainstream than ever this year and a useful resource for managing family dynamics during the holidays.”

“Over the past decade, cannabis has become increasingly ingrained into the fabric of American culture and tradition, with cannabis sales on Green Wednesday reaching new heights every year,” Jonathan Sandelman, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Ayr Wellness, said in the release. “At Ayr Wellness, we’re passionate about enriching lives through this powerful plant by meeting consumers wherever they are in their cannabis journey, from novice to expert. From flower to beverages, and from extracts to edibles, our new portfolio of power brands offers something for everyone.”

The survey also suggests that “Green Wednesday,” the day on which potheads nationwide stock up on weed in advance of the long holiday weekend, is quickly joining the ranks of Black Friday and Cyber Monday as Thanksgiving-adjacent, consumer-powered events on the calendar.

The press release described Green Wednesday as “the industry’s second-biggest sales day in 2020, aptly dubbed the ‘Black Friday’ of cannabis.” Citing data “from Akerna and Headset published in Green Market Report,” Ayr Wellness said that “Green Wednesday cannabis sales beat Black Friday sales for the first time” last year, “with upward trends expected to continue this year.”

According to the new survey, “One in two Green Wednesday shoppers (49 percent) will purchase cannabis as gifts for friends and family,” while “71 percent of Green Wednesday shoppers expect to spend $50 – $100 or more at the dispensary.”

The survey went on to say that “60 percent of cannabis consumers intend to visit a dispensary on Green Wednesday.”

What will these customers buy to go with the football or the meal? Nineteen percent of respondents said that they would purchase good-old flower, while 19% said they are looking for edibles or drinks. Eleven percent would prefer to buy concentrates and extracts. Ten percent would like cartridges. Nine percent would rather have pre-rolled joints. Five percent love topicals. Four percent would be happy with infused flowers. 

The findings “are part of a national study conducted by real-time consumer intelligence platform Suzy in partnership with Ayr Wellness,” according to the press release. “

“The nationally-representative study, conducted in November 2021, surveyed over 1,300 Americans on their cannabis consumption habits, beliefs and purchasing patterns tied to the holidays and Green Wednesday,” the release said.