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Flower Connoisseur Gift Guide | High Times

The best way to enjoy the wonderful effects of cannabis is through flower. There’s nothing more satisfying than smoking expertly grown herb. If you know someone who loves flower the way we do, then you know there are a ton of options for gifts—but it isn’t always easy to narrow down the best varieties. Fortunately, we’ve done all the heavy lifting in that department, making it ultra-easy for you to find the hottest trending pipes, vapes, pre-rolls and strains for your loved ones this holiday.

Photo by Dab Daddy

Dab Daddy Concentrates & Flower—Sophistication in Options

Dab Daddy offers a variety of beautiful products that offer a choice when it comes to cannabis. Although the company isn’t new to cannabis, it has been in business for a while. It specializes in concentrates and strives to deliver the highest quality smoking experience. To ensure the highest quality, each step of growing and extracting cannabis, from its potent indoor flower to perfect diamonds is closely monitored. When creating any Dab Daddy product, consistency, potency and amazing flavor profiles are top priorities. Dab Daddy is the leader in concentrates, utilizing innovative extraction methods and developing new products. They truly live up to their brands philosophy, “For stoners by stoners.” Check them out on Instagram @dabdaddyinc.

Price: Start at $25

Photo courtesy Boundless Technology

Boundless Technology—The Vexil

User friendly? Check. Discreet? Check. Sustainable? Check. Combustion-based? Uncheck. Boundless creates the most compact, discrete and easily reusable products in the marketplace, without the negative effects of combustion. The Vexil is the newest member of Boundless’s Family. This herb-focused vape packs an impressive punch but doesn’t compromise flavor. Just grind your favorite flower. Then, remove the magnetic cap and place it in the vape. Turn the heat on until the herb is heated. With four temperature settings, it is possible to change the flavor and aroma of herbs with a push of a switch. Need more discretion? To hide the RGB LEDs on the Vexil, the Vexil has a stealth mode. When it comes to The Vexil, there’s no doubt that Boundless Technology is providing the perfect stocking stuffer for your holiday needs!

Price: $99.99

Photo courtesy of Eyce

Eyce ORAFLEX Spoon

Are you looking for the beauty of hand-blown pipes but the stability of platinum-cured silicone? You have come to the right place. Introducing the Eyce ORAFLEX Spoon—a revolutionary double layered, silicone pipe featuring beautiful, hand painted detailing. Long gone are the days of sacrificing art and style for durability, the Eyce ORAFLEX Spoon is exactly what you’re looking for. The ORAFLEX Spoon comes in four designs—Switchback, Honeycomb, Floral, and Spiral—and each design features five colorways. You can grab yours now! This is our best work to date. Use code HT15 to get 15% off your new Eyce ORAFLEX product line for the Holiday Season.

Price: $29.99

Photograph courtesy of Arizer


Cultivate the connoisseur in you with the Arizer Solo II—Arizer’s most powerful portable vaporizer. High quality, carefully sourced components ensure a hassle-free experience. Smooth and tasty vapor the way you like it—isolated airpath and all-glass vapor path. Fast heat up—reaches vaporization temperatures in under a minute. Incredible battery life—three hours of use per charge. Arizer’s Original Refillable Glass Pod Vaporizer System allows you to activate natural terpene profiles, maximising the potency of dry herbs. Backed by manufacturer’s warranty and industry leading customer service. Arizer is a leader in the field of quality and performance, thanks to its exceptional design and extensive research. Discover why Arizer Design is better than any other.

Price: $269.99

Lowell Farms Photo

Lowell Farms

Lowell Herb Co. recently launched their 2021 holiday collection. This includes the Ho Ho Ho Hybrid Smokes Pack. Lowell’s holiday hybrid blend is an impeccable way to pass the time while you wait for Santa to visit your chimney. Check out other limited-edition products like the Silent Night Indica Sativa and the Sleigh Ride Sativa. 

Price: $45

Delta Extracts, Photo Credit

Delta Extrax

Delta Extrax offers premium Delta 8 THC-infused hemp flowers. You get the finest hemp flowers! Delta 8 gives hemp a natural, raw boost. This flower has a strong diesel-like smell, which is evident when the bag is opened. Sour Diesel’s indica part has an uplifting experience. It will help clear your head and inspire you. Use coupon code HIGHTIMES20 for 20% off

Price: $26.99 – $35.99

Pinnacle Hemp, Photo Credit

Delta 8 Pinnacle Blue Zkittles—Indica Enhanced

Pinnacle hemp has amazing Delta 8 hemp flowers. While there are many different profiles of terpenes, Blue Zkittles Indica by Pinnacle Hemp is the best. The gas combination includes hemp, CBD, Delta 8, and indica-terpenes.

Price: $29.99-49.99

Arcanna Flowers, Photo

Arcanna Flowers—True Berrymore

Arcanna flowers is owned by a husband-wife duo, who just completed their 22nd season of cultivation together. Redwood Valley’s farm, which is situated in California, takes outdoor cultivation to the next step with carefully curated strains, such as True Berrymore. This house strain is a limited edition delight that’s full of tart berry and sweet tones, and effects that are described as “frisky and playful.”

Price:40 g 3.5 grams

Photograph courtesy of Bountiful farms

Bountiful Farms—Secret Formula

Bountiful Farms has set the standard for quality cannabis production on the east coast. Bountiful Farms is based in Massachusetts and aims to establish a new standard for trust in the cannabis sector. This reliability is seen in flowers such as Secret Formula, which was a Chronic News Cannabis Cup Massachusetts: People’s Choice Edition 2021 first place winner for the indica category. Secret Formula is a mix of Wifi 34 & Dosido. It is well known for its OG potential and was created as a result of a long-running pheno hunt.

Price: $55 for 3.5 grams

High Latitude Farms, Photo Credit

High Latitude Farms—Powdered Donuts

High Latitude Farms can be found in Hood River Valley, northern Oregon. It was founded by local growers and is proud to use their cooling retention tanks as a fish hatchery. They are focused on producing premium high-quality cannabis. Strains such as Powdered Donuts, which they describe as “ever beautiful and always delicious,” is cross between Orange Cookies and Jet Fuel Gelato that offers a pleasantly citrusy and sweet flavor.

Price: $13 per 1 gram