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Jetty x High Times Collab is Absolute Fire

Finally, it’s here, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Chronic News and Jetty are proud to announce the first-ever official Chronic News exclusive products through this awesome collab, and we can’t get enough. 

When you combine Chronic News and a brand with a reputation like Jetty, you’re sure to get high-quality, premium product, and the Jetty SOLVENTLESS Papaya Bomb vape does not disappoint. It brings everything we’ve been hoping for in one, convenient vape product. 

The Jetty SOLVENTLESS Papaya Bomb vape is crafted by Jetty; it’s a unique, hybrid cross of THC Bomb x Papaya. It has sweet tropical and spicy notes, which provide the vape enthusiast with the calming, mellow feeling they crave after a hard day at work. And because it’s Jetty SOLVENTLESS, this vape never touches a chemical, made simply using ice, water, heat and pressure.

Jetty Live Resin Prerolls are also available. They pair oil with flower to create unique flavor combinations and maximize their potency. Whether it’s cake with cake or fuel with fuel, it’s always trim-free, small-farm flower-boosted with 100 percent uncut Jetty UNREFINED Live Resin. 

Courtesy Jetty

Jetty produces the best vapes on the market and has the highest potency. It uses a solventless method to create the finest, most delicious prerolls and vapes. Jetty’s process is focused on preserving the most delectable flavor, and it makes all the difference to consumers.

“We’ve been working on this at the lab for a long time and developed a purification process that removes the undesirable stuff that can mess with the flavor, while preserving everything we want to keep,” said Matthew Kim, Jetty’s chief innovation officer, of the new product. 

Courtesy Jetty

Jetty is focused on quality

Nate Ferguson, co-founder of Jetty and chief producer, supports this idea. He has been on a mission to make a cleaner vape since he and his partners started Jetty back in 2013, and R&D has always been at the forefront. Jetty is pretty sure the brand’s innovation led to the first vape without cutting agents. It led to more efficient solvent-based extraction methods that can be used in virtually every product today. 

“The knock against solventless vape and live rosin is that the flavor usually degrades as you heat it and get through the cart,” he explained in a Q&A on the brand’s website. “Starts out amazing but ends up not so great. That’s because the ice water extraction not only preserves the full spectrum of terps and cannabinoids, but it also includes lipids and the undesirable stuff. We’ve been working on this at the lab for a long time and developed a natural purification process that removes the undesirable stuff that can mess with the flavor, while preserving everything we want to keep.”

The lab ensures that the quality of the final product is maintained at all times.  

“We’ve been setting up the Jetty Farm for a while now, getting ready for this,” Ferguson said. “We control the whole process now: getting the right phenos in the ground, controlling the harvest. That’s really important when you’re growing for solventless. These strains are absolutely amazing. They were first released in October. They are flash frozen right at the farm. We’re also growing everything we’re using for our UNREFINED Live Resin, too.”

Processing is the key. Jetty experts start with live rose that is already high in potency, at an average of 80 to 85 percent THC. Jetty also ensures that the terps stay available through the whole process. This creates a strong entourage effect.   

Courtesy Jetty

“So it’s a unique, complex high… It’s clean, light on the body. It’s exceptional,” he added of the overall experience.  


SOLVENTLESS Papaya Bomb Vape – $65

Live Resin Infused 1.2g Preroll – $15

Live Resin Infused 3pk Preroll – $25

Live Resin Infused 5pk Preroll – $45

What to Buy:

These exclusive Jetty products are only available for a limited time through Chronic News – best get some quick! Buy in-store at any of our Chronic News Cannabis Markets Or place an orderSubscribe to Chronic News

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