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How Versatile is CBD Oil?

Now that legalisation of CBD has become wide spread across Europe and the United States of America, more and more products are being pushed into the health supplement market.  With such a vast choice, picking the more effective one can be a minefield, causing confusion amongst buyers. Depending on symptoms, people are choosing the product that is most suited towards their needs and lifestyle.  The hemp plant is very versatile and can be processed and extracted in many ways to create a broad range of products. Below we are going to discover some of our favourites plant based supplements, geared towards maintaining the human body’s ECS system, promoting optimum health .


CBD paste is a whole plant extract, containing much more than just the cannabinol compound found in isolate powders.  The paste also holds a healthy amount of CBDa, CBG and terpenes, providing a more balanced product. The CBDa content acts as a strong antioxidant, aiding in keeping the gut healthy.  Furthermore, studies are showing that it can act as an effective anti-epilepsy medicine with little or no side effects for the user, making it safer than the pharmaceutical options. The compound will provide relief for nausea, activating the serotonin receptor, which controls feelings like anxiety, depression and vomiting.  Typically, CBD paste is made from organic hemp flowers, which are processed using premium super critical CO2. The decarboxylation method helps create a purified paste that can be very strong tasting and has an instant effect.


Topical cream is a product that can be directly applied to an area of the body that needs attention.  In sports these types of cream are very popular after training or for general recovery regimes. Gym works outs can be gruelling on the body, pushing athletes to their limits.  Applying CBD cream on tired muscles and joints can rapidly help them to recover, ready for the next session. CBD lotions have anti-inflammatory properties that can provide help for acne, arthritis and even skin cancers.


CBD enriched vaping oils come in a liquid form and are used within electric vaporisers.  It is one of the preferred uses as it is a practical way for people to medicate while on the move or at work.  Users have reported that they feel a calming effect after using the CBD oil, helping them with sleep and managing anxiety.  The best products contain other terpenes and compounds too, to make the oil more effective in treating certain medical conditions.  Overall, it is best to chose the least processed source of CBD, most people prefer the natural oils over synthesised powders and isolates.  If you feel like any of the products might benefit your daily health routine, it is best to experiment and find the one that suits your body’s needs.