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The Benefits of CBD Oil

In recent years, scientific studies have shown us that human bodies have an ECS system (endocannabinoid system).  The ECS system is important for helping the body to maintain a state of homeostasis, where it helps cells perform at their maximum capability.  These complex systems are made up of receptors, endocannabinold molecules and metabolic enzymes, which help stabilise and optimise many functions in humans and animals alike.  The ECS system controls key functions like body temperature, blood sugar level and inflammation.


CBD is one of the main compounds found within the hemp plant and is non psycho active.  This means the user will not become high or have their mental state altered, like when taking THC based products.  CBD oil is great for people trying to take less pharmaceutical drugs, which often carry strong, nauseating side effects.  This natural alternative offers a more practical option for people who reject man made drugs and want to follow an organic lifestyle with their diet.


The benefits of CBD oil are vast and it is easy to see why more people are using plant based medicines.  If your body is lacking in endocannabinolds, it can lead to poor health and may be more susceptible to conditions like irritable bowl syndrome, migraines and Parkinson’s disease.  CBD oil can create a barrier against these types of conditions and give the user a great quality of life.


CBD is great for people suffering from anxiety, where even a small 20mg dosage can reverse any unwanted feelings or worries.  The oil can relieve most symptoms of the condition, working with the CB1 brain receptors to help stabilise the body’s serotonin levels.  It also works great with related illnesses like PTSD and social anxiety, giving the user a warm sense of relaxation and clarity in their thinking.


In the sporting world, medicating with CBD and plant derived supplements is becoming more popular.  One of the main benefits is that it reduces recovery time after gym sessions and game days, helping athletes to avoid injuries and keep training for longer.  It furthermore, encourages better sleep routines, which then in turn helps to maintain a healthy appetite, metabolism and immune system. It is not important weather you are competing in a local football team or a professional outfit, your ability to perform is directly connected to how in tune your endocannabinoid system is.  


The inflammation properties of CBD oil mean that it acts as a strong natural pain relief for anyone suffering from muscular or joint injuries, which can also be used in cases of arthritis.  These types of injuries are common place in the sports industry and research is showing that more athletes are turning to CBD for their treatments and seeing amazing results.